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  High Voltage Transformers for Testing

We provide High Voltage Transformers for Testing for the need for checking the adequacy of Insulation, provided in the electrical apparatus, cannot be over emphasized. Insulation between the live and earth or between two different sections of live parts, this insulation is required to be tested at high voltage values recommend by applicable relevant standards. The standard specifications for various electrical apparatus specifies power frequency voltage withstand tests at different levels depending upon the working voltage of electrical apparatus. It is observed from the various standard for electrical equipments that the minimum power frequency voltage withstand test level for electrical Insulation is 2KV for one minute.

    Most advanced design
    Unmatched performance
    Zero defects
    Compact, robust low losses
    Suitable for various applications
       High Voltage Transformers are widely used in various fields. Some of its common applications include:
    Sensitive electrical or electronic equipment
    Data processing equipment
    Transmission lines
    Radar systems
    Photocopying machines
    Tool machines
    Test control and measuring systems
    Safety alarm and lighting plants
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