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  Inspection & Testing

A complete visual inspection of the transformer is performed at the time the samples are drawn. Leaks, inoperative gauges, cracked bushings, low oil level and other defects are identified and described. Nameplate and other operational data is recorded to assist in developing maintenance recommendations. A transformer engineer reviews the sample test results and inspection reports taking into account prior history, the usage and age of the transformer, IEEE Standards and prepares a complete report and trend analysis of the sample results, visual inspection and maintenance recommendations that is sent to the customer.

     Standard Screen with Moisture Analysis

A sample will be drawn and tested for color, visual contaminations, interfacial tension (IFT), neutralization number (Acidity), specific gravity, Karl Fischer moisture and dielectric strength. All tests are performed in TSI’s Analytical Laboratory in Concord, New Hampshire. (Askarel fluid does not require the IFT test).

     Dissolved Combustible Gas-In-Oil Analysis

To allow for more accurate determination of possible internal problems not readily detected by standard screen testing, samples will be drawn and returned to TSI’s Analytical Laboratory for analysis. This test is recommended for units 150-kVA and above, or any units of critical concern.

     PCB Analysis in PPM

A sample will be drawn and returned to TSI’s Analytical Laboratory for testing by Gas Chromatography using an electron capture detector to determine the PCB concentration. This test will result in a parts per million (ppm) reading of the PCB content (if present) and will enable proper response to the unit in the event of a leak situation per EPA Regulations, 40 CFR 761. TSI recommends that this test be performed initially for any units untested and repeated every three to five years.

     Inhibitor Content

A sample will be drawn and returned to TSI’s Analytical Laboratory for Inhibitor Content Analysis. This test will aid in the determination of the rate of oxidation for any units containing inhibited oil. TSI recommends Inhibitor Content Analysis for units of a “free breathing” nature or any units of critical concern.

     Metal In Oil Analysis

A sample will be drawn and tested by ICP (Inductively Coupled Plasma) for wear metals analysis. This test will is useful in detecting wear of the internal metallic components, such as circulating pumps and tap changers. Metals detected by our standard process are: Aluminum (Al), Copper (Cu), Iron (Fe), Lead (Pb), Silver (Ag), Tin (Sn) and Zinc (Zn).

     Power Factor Analysis

Power Factor Analysis is widely used as an acceptance and preventative maintenance test for insulating oil. Power Factor indicates the dielectric loss characteristics of oil.

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